Africa Online

Africa Onlline covers all of the countries that are members of the Organization of African Unity.
This includes all of the countries on The African Continent as well as several island nations.
There are 54 nations in The OAU.
Information on the individual African States can be obtained by
1. Clicking the name of the country on our clickable base map (best may be a challenge in some cases)
2. Clicking the name of the country from the list of African States (what fun is that).

Clicking the Base Map to the right will bring up the African Base Map.

Clicking the List of African States Map to the lower right will bring up the List of African States.


African Facts

Africa is the second largest continent and contains 20% of the Eart's land.
Area: 11,608,000 sq mi, 30,065,000 sq km
Africa is the second most populous continent with an estimated 885 million people
Population density: 57 people per sq mi est.
Life expectancy: 52 years (varies greatly by country as Africa Online illustrates)
Max width east to west 4,700 miles
Max length north to south 5,000 miles
Time zones - 6
Coastline: 19,000 miles
Highest point: Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania 19,340 ft.
Lowest point: Lake Assai, Djibouti 512 ft below sea level

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