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Friday, October 9, 2015

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African Art
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Our gallery of African Art
with reference maps

African Reference
The African Quick Reference Chart
from MertoStage
ISBN 0-924484-00-4

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African Art
Greeting Cards

Our note cards are truly works of art,
We offer

Set Of 12 Batik Cloth Greeting Cards complete with envelopes.

These cards are always appropriate, distinctive, elegant and unique.
When only the best will do
A set of these greeting cards will make a wonderful gift for a friend or relative.
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In Their Own Words
The Oreo Myth

“How come you act white?” she asked.
I was more than ready to respond

One young lady's encounter
with her peers


Women's Reference

Reference material for the
African American Woman

Signed African Hanging Cloth Applique

Stunning, and an ideal gift for oneself or someone special.
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In Rememberance
The World Trade Center
New York

The World Trade Center had become an icon for the City of New York and a symbol of the financial strength of the United States.
It also became a target.
The World Trade Center was constructed and owned by The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, an agency that promotes economic growth in the New York/New Jersey area.
Construction on the original plan (buildings 1 thru 6) began in 1966 and was completed in 1973.
Building 7 was built in 1985 as an addition to the Center
We have included some photographs of The World Trade Center, that we took from various locations in New York and New Jersey.
World Trade Center facts/photos

Guy with Camera
Did he have too much time on his hands

Window on the West Side
A man, A camera
A window facing
the west side of Manhattan


If we took a holiday
Indeed, we took a holiday in October at one of Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpieces, Fallingwater.
Located in The Laurel Highlands of Western Pennsylvania, Fallingwater was built as a weekend and vacation home.
for the Edgar J. Kaufmann family. The forests were ablaze in colors as we made our way through The Laurel Highlands to Fallingwater.
It is well worth the trip in any season.
The staff at Fallingwater is exceptional.
We took a few pictures
Fallingwater Pictures

African Online Reference

Africa Online version 1.0 is now available.
Version 1.0 explores the facts and maps of the countries on The African Continent and those belonging to The Organization of African Unity.
The people and continent of Africa are more than just cold hard facts and maps and we intend to delve into the traditions and histories as we go.
We send a shout out to our friends at the CIA and New York Times for their help, whether they intended to or not.
Please send us your comments and suggestions
Africa Online, check it out
African Online Reference

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Civil Rights
Commemorative Stamp Set

No longer available
We compliment the United States Postal Service for this splendid set of stamps that chronicle the civil rights movement in America.
It is a 10 stamp set that depicts important events in the struggle for civil rights for African Americans.
1948 Executive Order 9981
1954 Brown v. Board of Education
1955 Montgomery Bus Boycott
1957 The Little Rock Nine
1960 Lunch Counter Sit-Ins
1961 Freedom Riders
1963 March on Washington
1964 Civil Rights Act
1965 Selma March
1965 Voting Rights Act
The Commemorative Stamp Set itself is a work of art.

Urban Sculpture

'Ma Pitts'

Featured Artist

Red-G Smith
Red-G Smith's innovative sculpture can be both whimsical and profound.
His work can be found in many galleries and museums.
We are featuring some of Mr. Smith's latest creations,
including 'Ma Pitts' which is displayed above.
Please take a moment to explore the fasinating work of Red-G Smith.

Art of Red-G Smith

Talisman New Additions

Painted Ostrich Egg - Namibia
We are constantly trying to improve our
Talisman Gallery of African Art.
Please click the link below to view
some of our new additions

Talisman New Additions

African American Memorabilia

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Game
A Classic and Collectors Item
Board Game

You will not find this game anywhere else.
Our limited supply dates back to 1987.
For the serious collector
Own a piece of black memorabilia that will only appreciate in value.
The Martin Luther King Jr Board Game,
is a board game about the life of the slain civil rights hero.
Introduced around 1986, the game never really took off.
Production ceased not long after it commenced,
so when our current stock (less than 24)
is gone... its gone.
Please remember, no one else has this game!
The Martin Luther King Jr Board Game
Already a collector's item
For 2 to 4 players, ages 6 to adult

An educational and entertaining game about America's greatest civil rights and humanitarian leader.
Included: gameboard, spinner card, 4 playing pieces
14 quote cards, 20 MLK decision cards
and a (memorial wallet card not used in the game)
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American History

"It is doubtful if the Supreme Court has ever in all its history made a decision of greater social and ideological significance than this one. This event was the turning point in the desegregation of public schools, and the beginning to an equality among all races."
North Park University - Brown v Board of Education
We Agree
The United States has changed dramatically since May 17, 1954. Brown v Board of Education was not the start of litigation to end jim crow laws but proved to be a giant step in the struggle for one America.
Public schools in 17 states and the District of Columbia were required by law to segregate black and white children. Schools in 4 additional states permitted segregation in public schools.
Although Brown v Board of Education did not address issues such as voting rights or housing and job discrimination which was rampant throughout the United States, it set the stage for the battles that would come.
click on the link below for more information
Brown v Board of Education

from the MetroStage Press
ISBN 0-924484-01-2

Commemorate the 50th anniversary of Brown v Board of Education with the 50th anniversary poster.
Our 12 x 18 inch poster provides a background on the epic Supreme Court decision as well as its effects on public school education and civil rights. This handsome yet informative poster is suitable for educators, the home and for framing.
Celebrate arguably the most important Supreme Court decision of the 20th century with the Brown v Board of Education 50th Anniversary Poster.
For background information and events that led to this case
click on the link below
Brown v Board of Education 50 Anniversary Poster

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Rosa Parks
Few acts of defiance in American history have had the profound and enduring social and political impact as that of Rosa Parks' on that fateful day in 1955 in Montgomery, Alabama.
Her actions energized the civil rights movement.
The young minister of The Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, Martin Luther King Jr. became the leader of the protests that would follow.
A Supreme Court decision would outlaw segregation in public transportation.
There had been some civil rights progress made in America prior to this, notably Brown v Board of Ed.
This however was the spark that began the modern civil rights movement in earnest.
It is important to remember that civil rights apply for all Americans.
She is gone now but her accomplishments and memory live.


August Wilson
One of America's greatest playwrights
An African-American playwright whose works chronicled the black experience in America.
Born and raised in The Hill District of Pittsburgh, his experiences in the 'neighborhood' aka slum or ghetto would provide a solid platform for his writing.
Among his awards are the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, the Tony Award, the American Theatre Critics Award, the New York Drama Critics Circle Award and the Drama Desk Award.
His works included: Jitney, 1979; Ma Rainey's Black Bottom, 1984; Fences, 1986; Joe Turner's Come and Gone: A Play in Two Acts, 1988; The Piano Lesson, 1990; Two Trains Running, 1992; Seven Guitars, 1996; King Hedley II, 1999; Gem of the Ocean; Radio Golf, 2005.
August Lives

There is a wealth of information on the internet for Rosa Parks and August Wilson.
Museums and Galleries

New York
Our updated listing


Quick Take
Harlem is perhaps the most famous predominately African American neighborhood in The United States.
It is named after the city of Haarlem in the Netherlands.
Located in Upper Manhattan, Harlem's classical boundaries are generally considered to be (South) 110th St., (north) 155th St., (east) Madison Ave. and (west) Convent Avenue and The Hudson River.

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